Wednesday, June 23, 2010

new swap-bot cards

On the way to Canada today!


Mimi said...

heya hunny, Its Ichigoshortcake ^3^

Cute blog! xx (honeybear1)


I'm loving that card! LADYHIGHTOWER Swap-Bot Blog Me, Baby!

Lesley said...

Cute! I especially like the fishy.

LesleyKnitsPretty @ Swapbot

Kathy said...

Really cute cards!

Kathy (karuma) swap-bot "Blog Me, Baby" swap

Deidre said...

Like the cards!

Blog Me Baby on swapbot - Deidreart

Oh Sew Addicted said...

Hi! I love the new swap bot cards you posted and the picture of the St Patrick's day dog! Sew cute!
I am following you now too! Cute stuff! I will also post a link to your blog on mine! YAY!
Hope you have a great day!
carla louise
Blog Me Baby swap
user id: Oh Sew Addicted
my blog:

mireillie said...

only on 2nd glance did i realise that that's a pretty creepy doggy @.@ looks like its got the scream or a skull on its face.

~mireillie from swapbot

Trulyana said...

Your cards are wonderful and I can see the inspiration you have for nature through them. I love them! :) Your unique streak is shown through them. Much love Ana Goncalves, Swapbot-Blog me Baby

Ariel Bouvier said...

Thanks for all the comments. My partner for the ATC swap was really into skelanimals. Skelanimals are adorable little animals who have met an untimely end-mostly due to their own reckless and ill-advised behavior.

Maria Isabel said...

That secong one, the dog, reminds me of the dog in Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride :) I really like them !
(swap-bot blog me, baby Swap)