Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Midwest Book Review

I did manage to get a review in the Midwest Book Review.

Natasha Parker

Ariel Bouvier has created a family that transcends the meaning of the word eccentric. Dancing Aunt Dixie tapped dance so fast she gained the nickname "Machine Gun." Uncle Herbert, an evangelist, was booted from his congregation after insisting that his two dogs, Sampson and Delilah, would be joining him in heaven. Cousin Huey searched the Himalayas year after year for the Abominable Snowman until he disappeared on one of his summit attempts. Aunt Ida Rose lost her pet chickens to foxes and decided to move to England take up fox hunting.
From hippies to inventors to chicken farmers, this is a family that will make you laugh out loud. Ariel Bouvier has a very unique talent for developing some of the most interesting, eccentric characters you would ever want to meet. And the photographs are simply priceless. "My Dysfunctional Family Tree" contains 45 photos and profiles that will keep you entertained page after page.